Justice Journal (The Mixtape)

Justice Journal, The Mixtape, is due out on the sixth day of Kwanzaa – December 31, 2011. “Raised By Gees,” the first single was released on December 19, 2011. You can listen to the single here: Raised By Gees (feat. Fred Hampton).

The track listing for Justice Journal is as follows:

Side A:

  1. Never (feat. Zelda)

  2. Woodson, 1933, pg 3

  3. Raised By Gees (feat. Fred Hampton)

  4. Nia

  5. Legacy Grabbers (feat. Wolfi G.)

  6. Seeking Clarity

  7. Yardstick (Ode 2 OWS)

  8. 5th Element

  9. Cat & Mouse (I & II) (feat. DJ Shocase)

  10. FTP

  11. We Need A Resolution

  12. Self Efficacy

Side B.

  1. Sunny Dayz

  2. The Birth of the Emcee (feat. MC Adri)

  3. To Tha Brothas (feat. Thah Domonique)

  4. Sometimes

  5. Deception & Death

  6. Rebel Romance (feat. Alia)

  7. Align Your Shockra (Snippet)

  8. What We Doin’? (feat. The Poetess)

  9. Cultural Intolerance

  10. Waving Flag (feat. Divine Speech & MC Adri)

Peace Peace



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