Continuing Legacy: The Mixtape 2-14-14

Continuing Legacy: The Mixtape drops on February 14th, 2014. It is a collection of many previously unreleased songs that show my growth in audio production, soundscape arrangement, lyrics and poetic flow. Literally poetry. I strive toward collaborating poetry and hiphop instrumentation rather than fusing and letting the music dictate the deliver of my pieces. However there are some traditional hip hop pieces where I go EMCEE all ova the beat! This a prelude to 2 official projects that good people will have the opportunity to pay for and support the movement of Know Allegiance Nation which seeks to create a nation of knowledge seekers through communal education and village development. The tracklist is below. “Who Am I”, “Rebel Romance II”, “Align Your Chakra”, “Allstars (snippet)” & “Vanguard” can found in previous releases in some form or another. All instrumentals are done by others. I am working on some originals for the upcoming projects.

Continuing Legacy Tracklist

  1. Continuing Legacy (feat. El Hajj Malik Shabazz)
  2. Heart of Stone (raw audio)
  3. Land, Bread & Housing
  4. Vibing (Msg 2 The White Collar)
  5. To The Activists
  6. Allstars (snippet)
  7. AU
  8. Align Your Chakra
  9. Mission Driven
  10. Who Am I
  11. Rebel Romance II
  12. Vanguard
  13. Deeper Love

Runtime: <40Mins


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