Self Sustainability: Garden Resources


Genesis Villas Community Garden Veggies

Self sustainability is important in a world where resources are growing “scarce” or people in “power” have the ability to monopolize those resources and make you jump through hoops to get them. The basics of Food, Water and Shelter are a universal human right to all. However, in the this world you have to pay (sometimes die) in order to access. Having quality Food, Water and shelter is another level; of which I will speak to on behalf of Food.

Chemicals are not healthy. We ingest a large amount of chemicals daily because of the dangerous yet “cost effective” practices of the modern food system. Too much fat, sodium, sugar and chlorine are not healthy. In moderation, most of these are healthy. We eat from a broken system that makes the Healthospitals institutionally necessary and relevant to exploit our “choices.” Many are unaware of this broken system and the constructs that keep it running.

Once upon a time, we worked the land to get food. We knew what we were seeding and knew what we were harvesting. We didn’t have to sound out 30 syllables ingredient labels that tell us that the foods we eat are chemically altered. We relied on self to grow, to ration, to “store” our groceries and plan for the next season of sustaining nutrients.

I am proud to have found resources to continue this practice of self sustainability in the urban landscape of Detroit. Garden Resources such as seeds, plants and knowledge are readily available through the Garden Resource Program. This grassroots effort turned organizational program turned grassroots love has been around for 10 years helping people reclaim their connection to the earth and themselves and the longevity of both. Check it out if you haven’t, grow a seed, it can grow you: Self Sustainability Resources – Garden Resource Program.


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