GMO Labels: I SAW ONE!

When I was in a store the other day I actually saw one. Not a 100% Whole Wheat label like my flatbread. Not a 100% North American Grown All Natural “No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors & Preservatives” label on the jelly I buy. I saw NONGMO! in Michigan! It was on a toju package (soybeans).

A product that has Non-gmo soybeans and being sold in a major store is huge. It means Monsanto hasn’t destroyed the world’s supply of organic, truly natural Earth goodness.

The package is labeled by the NonGMO Project. I looked them up and what I see is great progress on an issue that the government can not seem to make any progress towards. They have facts about GMOs, help you find Non-GMO products and even have a Non-GMO Cookbook! Check them out here:



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