5th Element

5th Element


[verse 1]

From the universal nation of Zulu

To the Electric Boogaloo

Hip Hop was supposed to speak to

The kids in the street

Renewing belief

That life is worth more

Than a casket and wreath


A People’s Army

Is what the Panthers wished for


We drawing them

like kamikazes

Against ourselves

Destroying all flesh

And bone

We’re at a crossroads


Graveyard or sunlight

ACT or black mask heist

For blood diamond dice

Several thousand or 11 years

Several sirens sounding

Or stability for years


1)      Redirect

Your focus, your energies

Destroy your enemies

Tagging over their masterpiece

2)      Redirect

Your gun and your trigger please


On the box on the concrete

3)      Redirect needles

From your arm tract

To a breakbeat track

On turntables and scratch


Verbal manslaughter

Is domestic violence

Unless you’re rapping

About a dreadful climate


4)      Redirect

Words from your mate

To the .dat

Escape prison bars

like an acrobat


Redirect words

From the cops to the .dat

Then “f*** the police”

Won’t bruise your face

Blue and black



5th Element – Self knowledge

Understand true power

Your mind is greater than a dollar


5th Element – Self knowledge

Solve Hard Problems

Without knife or revolver




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