Setting: 3:13 AM on the streets of the ‘hood.


PA Cop: You was supposed to stay right there, you seen us coming.


Urban Black Man: So I’m supposed to stop, wait for you to get out the car, take out your billy clubs while he’s beating my ass? You arresting me for striking back and defending myself against a psychopath who wanted to take my cash, hop in a cab and leave me for dead? This is some bull mayne!


PA Cop: Well, first off, you was shouldn’t been running away sonny.


Urban Black Man: First off, I wasn’t running away from you. I trying to avoid the problems but guy kept up his pursuit.


PA Cop: But you beat him black and blue.


Urban Black Man: Second off, that’s why I began to run from you.


PA Cop: So, you were resisting arrest huh?


Urban Black Man: No! I was defending myself the best way I knew how. Forget about getting put on trial, paying the pig department, lawyers, bails bondsmen and the city a couple of thousand.


PA Cop: Don’t you know your rights? You’re innocent until proven guilty.


Urban Black Man: I know the system. And my skin color makes me guilty until proven innocent. My word against his and the pigs. Diallo had proof in his innocence in his wallet. Rodney King had a movie picture film with subtitles and credits. And guilty served innocent sentences while the true innocent got hospital bandages and death sentences.


PA Cop: Please refrain from calling us pigs, boy.


Urban Black Man: Man you trippin’. You is on that… I don’t know what to tell mayne. You is really trippin’. Your parents must have dropped you off in a toilet bowl at birth and blinded your eyes with piss. Because you quite frankly read this state issued card with my name on it and you want me to refrain from calling you pigs? You betta practice reciprocity, pig.


PA Cop: Show us some respect; we are the law.


Urban Black Man: You are not the law! The amendments of the constitution and the bills that pass through the legislature are law! You are the guinea pigs who are supposed to enforce the law. Not the cream of the crop from a society of people with flaws. Guinea pig experiments who are tested to see how far they go until they abuse the power they receive.


Until they majority of ya’ll… until the majority of you bad cops start acting like the minority of good cops – FTP man, FTP. Forget the police.


*Punk A$$ Cop


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