By Jamii Tata

[Dave Bing (Mayor of Detroit):

Let me say this to start off:

The first time that we were out

Trying to engage our community

In this whole process

And quite frankly

We didn’t know what to expect”]

Thrust in the rebelhood where the shovels are hot

And graves are ready to add weight to the plot

Down bottom, black bottom

Detroit has to rise to the top

Without an engine block

Skilled labor exists

Unemployment makes us sit

The march on Washington gave folks a fit

Mobilized, organized, solidified as one fist

Each step cracked the pavement

The Poor Peoples’ Economic Rights Campaign got next

Ya heard me

I’m an independent

Article 25* got Republicans upset

I don’t really give an ish

I vote on the issues

Not the people

Who run the party


Politics is all about watching

Your words

Bad connotation

Sounds like a lot of fun

And socializing with the birds

A chasing after the wind

After a candidate wins

Here we go again – broken promises

And pipe dreams

But no Mario or Luigi

To clean up all the accidents

Many masochists

Inhabit the oval offices

When disaster hits

They stepping up to the challenge

On the TV set

Semi taking the blame

But redirecting the focus

And giving the punishment to us


But they don’t say this – never

[Dave Bing:

This plan has taken our deficit

from 330 million down to 85.”]

It’s convoluted when they speak

You got to get in between they teeth

With a toothpick

And Fish out what they get


How do you get people interested?

If you have one person in the community that cares,

how do you get other people in the community to care?

Because if the community doesn’t care about doing something about itself,

then it’s going to be harder to get people at a policy level

or the government level or maybe in the private sector to invest

in those communities if they see those communities not doing

anything for themselves… How do you get people to care

about… what you feel is going to impact everyone in the greater

sense. I’m thinking about with that question – Harriet Tubman

said ‘I would have been able to free more people if they knew they

were slaves.’ In that sense, how do create interest in people, or how

do you open people’s eyes to see that there is need in their communities?”]

*Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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